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Tommy LaStella and Frank Bodner
Tommy LaStella, attended St. Johns and Coastal Carolina. LaStella is currently in the Atlanta Braves organization. He is shown training with Coach Bodner.

To Coach Frank Bodner :

I would need more than a few sentences to convey my high opinion and sentiments of what your college program represents and signifies.  As a parent of a potential college baseball player, this process is a very difficult one. Trying to do this with no guidance for someone who has never been through this is very difficult and very stressful. From our first meeting with you when Justin was a sophomore in high school we felt very confident that you would help guide us to make the right decision based on Justin’s academic and athletic ability.
As we moved ahead in this process through all the College camps and showcases your dedication to detail and follow up with my son, myself and all the college coaches that you followed up with on his behalf was priceless. I can’t say that it’s not stressful because it is but you made us feel more at ease that he would wind up in the right academic and baseball program.
When it was all said and done he was verbally committed to the University of Hartford to play division 1 baseball before he walked in the door for his senior year of high school. This alleviated all the stress of the applications, essays and wondering where he would wind up playing college ball. I would highly recommend Coach Bodner to all potential college baseball players because there is no one who knows how to help you through this process and has the relationships with the coaches and the universities like Frank Bodner.


Scott Ganca



The College Ball Game is a wonderful program that truly steps up to the plate. It gave our son a clear path through the riggers and the obstacles of the college baseball recruiting process. Frank carved out a specially designed program for our son so, he could stayed focused on his academics and yet prepare for the college baseball showcases.
Frank then introduce him to the college program that fits his needs both academically and athletically. I am happy to say that when we finished the recruiting process my son received a large academic scholarship and received a roster spot at one of the top division 3 baseball programs in the country. None of this would have been possible without Frank Bodner and The College Ball game.
I recommend The College Ball Game to anyone who has hope and dreams of playing at the college level

Rick Constantino


Dear Frank

Thank you for your assistance on the college baseball recruiting process. Having you on our side, helped with college coach communications, and your guidance with our son Marc was unmeasurable. Thank you so much for the knowledge you brought to the process and for helping Marc get into the school where he truly belongs.

We can’t thank you enough!
Bob and Roxanne

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