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How We Help You

The world of college baseball recruiting has changed significantly over the years. Only 4% of high school baseball players play at the DI, DII, or DIII level.  Even with junior colleges and NAIA schools, about 94% of high school players see their last pitch in senior year. The college recruiting process is extremely competitive. Most the student-athletes need knowledgeable, versatile, experienced, and motivated assistance on this journey.

Coach Bodner with former Dodger/Pirate outfielder Xavier Paul

The College Ball Game is a customized recruiting program created and personally managed by Frank Bodner. Every situation is unique, so every College Ball Game program is uniquely their own, designed to meet the individual needs of that student-athlete. The academic-driven program directs the student-athlete to the college that best fits their academic and athletic profile.  To qualify and enroll in the program, every student must have at least an 85 cumulative grade point average. (In most cases the student’s GPA increases after enrollment in the program.)

You have only one chance to make what is potentially the most important decision in a student-athlete’s life: where to go to college. The College Ball Game maximizes your chances of choosing the right school.  The overriding goals of program are to assist the you in discovering schools and providing options and choices when college decision time comes.

at Selectfest
Charles Dennis of Ridge HS at Selectfest Showcase, now attends DeSales University

The College Ball Game was established in 2007 by Frank Bodner. He has assisted in placing student-athletes living in many parts of the country, primarily in the greater New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metropolitan area. As an evaluator of athletic talent, Bodner has had thirteen years of amateur scouting experience with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Seattle Mariners and the Los Angeles Dodgers. His knowledge, experience and understanding of player evaluation and objective insight provide each student-athlete with a realistic assessment which guides the carefully-crafted plan toward the next level. In addition, his numerous collegiate coaching contacts and networks at all types of post-secondary schools gives each family better opportunities for their student-athlete. Understanding the nuances of the recruiting process as well as the specific needs of college baseball programs is an integral part of finding the right college.

A brief overview of The College Ball Game:

  • Meet with the student athlete one on one and his parents for a better understanding of their makeup along with goals and aspirations.

    College Ball Game product LHP Pitcher Frankie Trimarco attends Monmouth University
  • Provide an honest and objective evaluation of the players athletic ability and project at what division level he can attend and play.
  • Offer a college selection process based on matching the players athletic ability, academic standing, educational goals and financial need with appropriate colleges.
  • Direct and guide the player into the interaction and communication phase with college coaches and assist in determining the colleges; needs and potential fits.
  • Address timely issues related to the complexities of the recruiting process and understanding NCAA recruiting guidelines.
  • Direct and recommend players toward special camps and showcases to maximize exposure.
  • Provide unlimited communication via phone, text, and email throughout the recruiting process until the player has been accepted and committed to a school.

The College Ball Game will assist the student athlete in reaching their academic and athletic goals. Frank is very proud of the student-athletes he mentors, frequently referring to them as “my players.” Probably because much is expected from them and they are monitored, they frequently surpass expectations. At the same time, each student-athlete is taught that they are ultimately responsible for their performance in the classroom and on the field.

Results are not guaranteed – they are earned.

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